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Frequently Asked Questions
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During exercise, the torso moves in many different directions at different speeds. Since breasts contain no muscle and have limited internal support, they are essentially a mass of soft tissue that moves independently of, but is driven by, the motion of the torso. It's this movement that sports bras work to reduce, altering the underlying mechanics to minimize the breasts' motion independent of the rest of the body. This can minimize discomfort or pain, and even improve sports performance. 

A long-lived myth is that it is dangerous to use a sports bra with an underwire. Besides the fact that it is very common with the wrong bra size (which can be uncomfortable) there are no risks to using sports bra, with or without underwire.

Read more about our tips and tricks for finding the right bra size for you here!



It is not easy to choose a sports bra with the right fit and in the right size. Start by deciding whether to use the sports bra for high or low intensity workouts. If you practice both, we’d recommend investing in a sports bra for both high and light support.

Many women wear the wrong bra size (studies suggest between 70% to 80%). To make sure you will not be one of them, we suggest putting some extra effort into choosing your size. The correct size is crucial for a comfortable fit and the functionality of the sports bra.

Take a look at where the tops of your cups and your body meet. The cups should form to the curve of your breasts without gaping or causing them to spill over. When wearing a new sports bra, be sure to start on the loosest hook. That way, you can tighten it as the band naturally stretches over time. The band should feel comfortably snug around your body without constricting. The straps should sit snugly on your shoulders without digging in or leaving indentations on your skin. The sports bra should stay in place when moving your upper body and arms in different directions.

To make it easier, we’ve put together a bra guide with information on how to measure your body. We’ve also gathered our best tips and tricks for a perfect fit on your sports bra.



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The less we consume, the better! The least sustainable thing we can do is consume garments that we don’t need or use and replace them with new. Therefore, we focus on producing products of high quality with the ambition to extend the longevity and ensure the satisfaction with the product.

The majority of our assortment are products that is a permanent part of the collection. Instead of releasing a new collection each season (or more often), we work on fine-tuning existing products and slowly adding essentials. With the help of our test panels and feedback from our customers, we can improve our products between each production. By producing fewer products and avoiding seasonal trends and colors, we avoid accumulating large amount of dead stock. This allows us to stay away from encouraging our customers to buy things they do not need (e.g. no flash sales, Black Friday etc.). Instead, we can focus on developing and improving our products with a better fit and function, durable fabrics, and more inclusive sizes.



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