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A functional sports bra is as important as the choice of training shoes. In addition to protecting the sensitive breast tissue, it has been found that lack of support also affects the overall performance and increases the risk of injury. To reduce the effect of breast movement, our bodies automatically compensate by tilting the upper body forward. Breast movement can also affect the breathing rhythm during exercise.

Different activities require different features in the design of a sports bra. To evaluate our assortment, we let a group of women test and comment on our various sports bras.




Most of my workouts are high intensity circuit training, which basically means everything from burpees to box jumps, thrusters or pull ups. I sometimes find it difficult to find sports bras with sufficient support because they are rarely available in cup sizes but rather in the sizes XS-XL. I wear 70D or 65E in my regular bras and decided to try both sizes in High Support sports bra. 65E turned out to be the best fit for me.

SUITABLE FOR: High-intensity training. In addition to my circuit classes, I also wear my High Support sports bra for running.

SIZE & FIT: I chose the smaller band of the two sizes I tried. It is a snug fit, which I like because I find the band usually loosens in time. The cups enclose the entire breasts and do not gape. I like that the cup is slightly “padded” it gives a nice shape and I do not have to think about the “frozen nipple” effect.

SUPPORT: If I use the buckle in the back it gives a very high level of support, so I always use the buckle to connect the shoulder straps!

OTHER: I like that both the hooks in the back and the shoulder straps are padded. It really is a comfortable sports bra! I also like the shaping and lifting effect, instead of the breasts being flattened to the chest.

IDA, 34
My usual workouts are running, lifting and yoga. I have the size 70E and just finding a sports bra with my cup size is difficult. Sports bras in the standard sizes either become too loose in the band or far too tight over the breasts. Many designs also have narrow or very stretchy shoulder straps which cause the breasts to bounce around even more. I decided to try High support sports bra in 70E (which is my regular bra size).
SUITABLE FOR: I feel like High Support sports bra is suitable for all types of training where you run or jump. For yoga, I’d probably choose a softer sports bra, but it works for that too.
SIZE & FIT: In the beginning I used it on the loosest hook, but after a few months of diligent use, the band has stretched a bit so I’ve moved in one hook (although I have to say, it hasn’t stretched nearly as much as some of my other sports bras). The length of the shoulder straps is sufficient, both when I use the buckle in the back and when I don’t. Very good and comfortable despite being so sturdy. Comfortable, slightly padded shoulder straps and I like the overall design as well.

SUPPORT: I’d give it an 8 out of 10. Although I haven’t found any sports bra with better support, there is still a little bounce when I move. 

OTHER: To improve the support, I think the neckline could be a little higher. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I’ve recommended it to friends and family! 

I exercise in both group (lifting and other classes) and individual workouts, such as running. There is a lot of impact on my breasts, both in gym classes and when I run, which requires a tight and good bra. I love my High Support sports bra! It fits nicely both in the back and under the bust (as opposed to other sports bras which have a tendency to chafe both the back and under the breasts). I am very pleased with the high level of support. I like that it is designed with hooks in the back, like a normal bra. This means I don't have to struggle with putting the bra on over my head. If I’m sweaty it can really be difficult to put on and take off a sports bra, but this is not an issue with the High Support sports bra.
SUITABLE FOR: The high support probably suits most workouts as it is both stable and flexible. I appreciate the fact that it’s possible to connect the shoulder straps in the back, that gives an extra bit of support. 

SIZE & FIT: I’ve used my sports bra for quite some time now, and so far, I have not had to tighten the band more than the loosest hook. I think that is a sign of high quality! The fit, the cups, the padding and the design of the bra are just perfect for me. I'm actually really happy with it!
SUPPORT: 10/10! I never feel any bouncing breasts.
OTHER: I would love to see High Support sports bra in a cool color, like neon red for example.

I mainly practice yoga and I’m currently educating myself to become a yoga instructor. In addition to that, I run throughout the year. For my running sessions, I need extra support since I have always had a relatively large bust in relation to my body. I usually wear 70E or F, a little depending on the brand. I tried High Support sports bra in 70E.

SUITABLE FOR: This is an ideal sports bra for running but I would say it works for any high-intensity workout.

SIZE & FIT: When I use the loosest hook, the fit is really tight, but I expect that the material will loosen a little elasticity over time, and then it is good to be able tighten the band. I appreciate the lifting effect, rather than flattening them, but without giving any push-up effect.   
SUPPORT: One of the best sports bras I've tried, it gives me full support!
OTHER: The neckline could possibly be slightly higher. I am curious to try the Max Support sports bra since there is no padding in the cups.


I do a lot of Crossfit which is a pretty varied sport so you never know what kind of sports bra you may need. Therefore, I prefer a sports bra that suits all types of training. I need a sports bra that stays in place, provides good support for running, jumping and strength training and it’s super important for me that nothing is chafing. I find that many sports bras are too much of everything; lots of straps and a lot of seams but finding a simple, functional and stylish one is harder! That's why liked the design of Compression sports bra. I chose my regular bra size, which is 75C.

SUITABLE FOR: I think Compression sports bra suits most types of workouts! I even run shorter distances in mine (mostly because I don't run that far). For Crossfit I think it fits perfectly. I like that it is a simple sports bra with good support!
FIT & SIZE: I chose my regular bra size, 75 C/D but the A/B cup might have been a better fit for me. If you usually choose between two different cup sizes, I would recommend choosing the smaller one. The elastic band sits perfectly, but I would have liked a little more compression on the breasts. Overall, I think it fits very well. I'm super sensitive because sports bras often sit too tight and are cut too high under the arms, but this one sits really well. The mesh in the back is nice, but for me it’s a little bit itchy when I get sweaty.
SUPPORT: It provides very good support, it’s definitely sufficient for my varied training. 
OTHER: I really like this sports bra! The only thing I reacted to is that the elastic band folds up a little bit in the front as I exercise, which slightly decreases the support. But all in all, it's definitely one of my favorite sports bras!



My main exercise is running, and I don’t like to be distracted by bouncing breasts during my workouts. I prefer compressive sports bras and decided to try Max support sports bra in 65E. 

SUITABLE FOR: It works for any high-intensity training, like running in my case.

SIZE & FIT: It's a completely unpadded bra. I prefer compressive sports bras (rather than shaping/push-ups) and this particular design is a minimizing bra. The bra has an underwire, which I was skeptical of at first, but now I am completely used to that and it almost feels odd when I work out in a sports bra without an underwire. It really does give better support!

SUPPORT: I would say that the level of support is high, 8/10. Both the shoulder straps and the band must be tightened properly to give me good support. I have to adjust/lift my breasts in order to fill the fabric of the cup. 

OTHER: The shoulder straps were a little tricky to tighten but once they were sitting there, they couldn't slide, which I appreciate as a runner.

ANNA, 23
I mainly work out at the gym in various machines and with free weights. I prefer a sports bra that allows me to move freely. I dislike uncomfortable straps and buckles. Since Energy sports bra has no buckles and extra wide shoulder straps, it fits me perfectly! It is soft against the body and still holds everything in place.
SUITABLE FOR: I would say this is a great sports bra for many different types of exercise, from strength to yoga. But I also find it’s a really good everyday bra if you are looking for a nice top to wear under your regular clothes. Sometimes I style it with a low-back t-shirt.
FIT & SIZE: I chose Medium and usually I am a 75F. The band fits really well, it doesn’t feel too tight or loose. Since I have a slightly larger cup, I definitely noticed slight "push-up effect" which looks flattering, but I prefer wearing it without the padding to tone down the push-up. 
SUPPORT: It is definitely enough support for my workout. I was surprised by how supportive it was even though it is such a soft and comfortable sports bra. 
OTHER: I really like the design with the straps in the back. I am completely satisfied with mine!



I practice different types of yoga. To be able to focus on my breathing, I do not like sports bras that are too tight, with uncomfortable straps and definitely no underwire. Also, I prefer sports bras that feel light as I often exercise in almost 40 degrees of heat. My regular bra size is 75D and I chose size Medium in Rib seamless sports bra.

SUITABLE FOR: I would use this sports bra for yoga, strength training, walking or just to replace a regular bra. It’s super comfortable! 

FIT & SIZE: I would say it is slightly tighter than I expected, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be tight or if the size runs a little small. For me it was actually a pleasant “surprise” because I appreciate the support. Rib Seamless sports bra is very soft and comfortable with removable padding. I thought I would like to remove the padding, but I’ve actually appreciated leaving them in.

SUPPORT: For yoga, I think it’s the perfect amount of support. It’s a mix of a soft top and regular sports bra. It does provide some support, especially because it is fairly tight, but I might not use this sports bra for workouts that involves a lot of jumping and bouncing.

OTHER: As I mentioned, I appreciate the padding more than I thought, it feels “safe” to work out in and provides extra support. I like the racer back and that the neckline is slightly higher than many other yoga sports bras.  

I do a little bit of everything; work out at Barry's, I run, do strength training and practice yoga. Mu size is 65D it is not always easy to find a sports bra that fits both circumference and cup. I have tried Rib Seamless sports bra in size S.

SUITABLE FOR: I have used my Rib Seamless for strength training, yoga and as an everyday bra.

FIT & SIZE: I actually use my Rib Seamless sports bra in both XS and S. XS gives a little more support because it sits a little tighter. The one in S is more comfortable to wear under my everyday clothes. I would say that it is true to size. I really like the fit of this sports bra! I prefer to use Rib Seamless sports bra without padding so I like that the padding is removable. The neckline not too high and not too low - the breasts stays in place. It is also double fabric which gives it better support than I expected from a seamless bra.
SUPPORT: I do not practice any high-intensity workouts with Rib Seamless sports bra, but it is perfect for lower intensity levels.

OTHER: It is so soft and comfortable to wear! Bonus points for all the nice colors to choose from! 

Different sports bras are suitable for different types of activities, here is a test with our test panel to see which sports bra they liked most!